LYNN STARR - In The Spotlight

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What The Critics' Are Saying About Lynn Starr...

"What can Doc Holiday say about the singer Lynn Starr? She has a great voice and has a classy act. She is diversified and displays great showmanship. Lynn left the audience wanting more. I was proud to witness this great show in Marty's Lounge..."
   Doc Holiday - Social Director, Villa Roma Resort & Conference Center; Calicoon, NY

" Genetti's Ballroom.....Vocalist Lynn Starr opened for The Mills Brothers with a spirited rendition of "It Had to Be You." Hopefully, we'll see more of her in the future."
   Ray Saul  - The Standard Speaker; Hazleton, PA

"...Over at Don't Tell Mama, the club hosted Lynn Starr and rarely has a performer been so prophetically named. Starr's act is heavily blues influenced and it's an absolutely exhilarating choice of material. Her earthy, vibrant vocals carry the listener along with the force of a roller coaster. She's got a sturdiness to her upper register that imparts a gutsy vigor to it I've heard few singers achieve. And her low-octave trilling positively rumbles with a resonant life-force. Lynn Starr is one hell of an entertainer, as musically engaging as she is personally charming. "
  John Michael Koroly - Welcome To The Club; WVOX 1460AM, Westchester, NY

"Singer Lynn Starr turned out to be a terrific surprise in her show "Color Me Blues" at Danny's Skylight Room. With more than just a little bit country, this bluesy belter has a terrific voice....Starr digs deep into gutsy torchers like a beautiful "You Were Never Mine," a riveting "Find Another Fool," and Bonnie Raitt's haunting "I Can't Make You Love Me." ......On these wrist-slashers, Starr sang with the flare of a seasoned gal.

"This rising talent has got a great set of pipes. She's intelligent and totally likeable. Though fairly new to the cabaret scene, Lynn Starr is definitely someone to watch."

   John Hoglund  - Backstage; Bistro Bits, NYC

"Lynn Starr is all that her name implicates. With a voice that reminds you a lot of some of the great female singers of the Rock n' Roll 50's, she is entertainment. During her show, every once in awhile I would close my eyes and images of Theresa Brewer,  Jo Ann Campbell & Timi Yuro would pop into mind. Her down and dirty, hell raisin' voice brings you into the song and closer to the singer. Singing McClinton/Nicholson/Fritts' "Better Off With The Blues" had you hooked on this delightful singer. Between her ballads, jazzy and up-tempo songs, she is a master of her material. I particularly enjoyed her versions of Morrison's "It's Only Love," Neville's "It's Raining," and one of my favorites, "Find Another Fool" by M. Ball. She has a cunning way of wrapping you around her finger with her soft seductive handling of a ballad. But it's not just her ballads; Ms. Starr knows very well how to handle an up-tempo or country sounding melody. I also liked her version of "You Got To Know How" by S. Wallace, LaBostries' "Husbands," and of course, Duke Ellington's "I Got It Bad." To a great crowd of well-wishers, Lynn Starr made our dreams come true. She gave us a perfect evening. 
Four branches Off The Ol' Tree for this delightful and entertaining singer."

   Tree Sequoia  - Applause! Applause!; Volume IV, Issue 13, New Jersey

Lynn Starr"....a Brenda Lee for the 90's."
    Marle Becker - Pacifica Radio; WBAI 99.5FM NYC

"Lynn Starr is a unique singer. She is a song stylist who is able to get into different moods of music and understands the lyrics, as written. On her CD. Lynn's BLUES moments, "Women Be Wise" and "Good Morning Heartache" get you in "the gut". While the tribute to her Dad "Greatest Man," is warm and loving. She also turns those moods around beautifully and can be funny, funny, funny with "Nobody Does It Like Me" and "Everybody Says Don't." I Say DO!"
   Maryann LoPinto - Cabaret Hotline; NYC

"Live recording is, for me, one of the most exciting facets of our business. Working with Lynn Starr and the caliber of musicians such as Fransisco Centeno and David Silliman really keeps you on your toes.I think that you'll find Lynn's voice to be unique: an unmistakable sound. She pulls vowels out of the words, coaxes consonants and assures us from the very first track that "You Got To Know How." And with the variety of material included on this CD....Lynn certainly does."
   Frank Owens - Musical Director